Tim & Helen Coon invite you to attend Kuhlhaus gallery’s “official” 2010 opening exhibition in the unique gallery spaces available in this former Packard dealer- ship.   We are pleased to offer the work of about 35 wonderful artists new to
Kuhlhaus this year— in addition to continuing almost all artists shown last year.  You will find an extremely diverse selection of paintings, photography,  jewelry, sculpture, glass, pottery, wood, and textiles.
* Rotating   Exhibitions,  July & August
* Kids Classes – Various Age Groups
* Adults Classes – Monday Nights
*(New) “Artist in the Window” ( call or see  website for details.)

MICHIGAN ARTISTS :   K. Aikens, T. Anderson,  K.Bazemore,  A.Bozic,  R.Branstrom,  S.Buhrmann, K.Colfer,  L.Conger,  R.Craton,  A.Cummings,  R. Daigh, L.Dinning,  P.Dueweke,  S.Glass,  D.Gracy, S.Graff,  T.Greenwald,  T. Hammill,  C.Hendrick, J.Hickman,  L.Jamieson,  R.Kane,  S.King,  R.Kolb, T.Lewis,  K.Lieffers,  A.Maciag,  D. Miller,  S.Mitchell, C.Murray,  D.J.&A. Otis,  M.Parker,  J. & D. Petrakovitz, R.Petzold,  K. Ray,  J. & K. Richmond,  G.Saukas, A.Saxon,  R.Schemm,  L.Schulte,  K.Snively,  R.Snoddy, F.Sochon,  C.Spaulding,  B.Staffel,  J.Streitwieser, kuhlhausart.com  |  facebook