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Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine and presents “30 Weekend Ideas: a guide to weekends Up North.” This free download will satisfy 30 kinds of travel cravings for all your passions, including kayaking, winery tours, art galleries, bicycling, boating, baseball, fishing, star gazing and even having a lazy afternoon on the beach.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll find in our 30 Weekend Ideas:

  • Relax away on a pontoon boat: Learn how to spend the day relaxing on the waters of Northern Michigan in a rented pontoon boat.
  • Have you ever stayed in a lighthouse: This guide will show you how.
  • Unwind and unplug on Mackinac Island: Find out how best to enjoy the island that has escaped time and really feel like you’ve gotten away.
  • Get really wild, visit the Upper Peninsula: Where to go to completely take in the wonders of nature and the grandeur of Lake Superior’s coastline.
  • Find yourself on an island paradise: Grab a ferry or challenge yourself to paddle out to an island. We’ll show you where you can hike around the island and even stay the night.

Use this as your summer goals list and check off as many as you can. Mix and match to pack as much fun into your vacation as possible—or do one thing each weekend all summer long. Pick your favorites and see how many new things you can enjoy!

In this FREE download, and Traverse Magazine have collected 30 Weekend getaways for Northern Michigan. Each of these trips offers a glimpse into the wonders of Northern Michigan. There is vacation for everyone.