When MyNorth challenged Chef Randy Chamberlain of Glen Arbor Blu to our local foods showdown he accepted with gusto and prepared mouthwatering Malted Cherry Ice Cream. In accordance with the rules of the showdown, 90 percent of the ingredients for this dish are from Northern Michigan and another 5 percent are from Michigan, making it a 95 percent made-in-Michigan dish.

Watch the video to learn Chef Chamberlain’s technique. Then click to find the recipe for Malted Cherry Ice Cream.

Here is a list of the local ingredients Chamberlain used in the ice cream:

  • Heavy cream or half & half cream, Shetler Family Dairy, Kalkaska, 231-258-8216
  • Eggs, Halpin’s Land of Goshen at Douglas Valley, Manistee, 231-360-7176
  • Sugar, Pioneer, Bay City, michigansugar.com
  • Dried Cherries, Smeltzer, Frankfort, 231-882-4421

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