According to the United States Census, online retail sales in 2010 will be more than $326 billion. And while that sounds like a great opportunity, the prospect of putting products online can be daunting. You want to sell online, but without having to develop an ecommerce website. How? of course. We’ll put your products or services online for you. It’s easy.

• manages all the design, hosting and security. •    You send us a digital photo, 25 words of copy, your address, contact info and website address and we produce the ad.
•    We can even produce a product demonstration video.
•    MyNorth directs traffic to our directories from which gets 30,000+ visits per month and our email newsletters with more than 10,000 subscribers
•    You can even opt to have your orders processed through our store like this carrot-nosed pillow (or have the interested customers go to your website).
•    You can use a single product in our directories to attract customers to your entire product line on your website.•    Customers coming to our store are predisposed to products and resources from Northern Michigan and about Northern Michigan.

Our directories are available in the Guides & Resources section of our website.  Here are a few to consider:

MyNorth Northern Michigan Shopping Guide
MyNorth Home Services Directory
MyNorth Giving Guide
MyNorth Northern Michigan Medical Resource Guide
MyNorth Northern Michigan Legal Resource Guide

Contact Jan Chapman, Advertising Director for more information on adding your products into MyNorth directories at 231-941-6538.