Want a spring hiking spot that will let you soak in all the best up north sights?  Look no further than the newest section of Petoskey’s Skyline Trail, which packs panoramic views of woods, water and all around natural wonder from atop its 1,200 foot perch.  Here’s what you need to know about this path of perfection:

Why it’s the place to be: The Skyline Trail is part of the North Country Trail System and runs the length of town.  This new parcel truly lives up to its name: it is an 11,000 year-old glacial moraine, left by retreating glaciers and now enjoyed by the public.  Its sweeping views of Little Traverse Bay and the Bear River Valley give a bird’s eye view to the changing season.

What to know: The hike is hilly—so steep in spots that volunteers created switchbacks—but you can rest the day away on the northern overlook platform. The parcel was protected thanks to a partnership between the City of Petoskey, North Country Trail Association, anonymous donors, and the Little Traverse Conservancy. Also, there is an abundance of wildlife that has been charted along the property, including rarely spotted black bears.

Where to hop on: The newest section of the Skyline is located southeast of town, near Krause and Brubaker Roads.  Those visiting this section of the North Country Trail for the first time may want to sign up for guided field trip May 1 being held by trail chapter members and the Little Traverse Conservancy.  The two-hour hike is free of charge, but reservations are required.  Call 231-347-0991 or visit landtrust.org for a down-loadable map.