SURVEY: Which returning bird says, “spring” to you?

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  • Anonymous

    Go bluebirds!!!!

  • Lynda Twardowski

    Redwing blackbirds! When I see them flitting around in the cattails along River Road, it’s spring. They show up before any other bird, I swear.

  • Diane

    As soon as I hear the first wood thrush piping through the hardwoods, I know it’s spring. Robins always come back too early— don’t they ever learn?

  • Anonymous

    Besides the meadowlark, another bird whose presence announces the coming of spring is the Eastern Phoebe. This bird, along with the meadowlark, is truly migratory. Phoebes often arrive a bit before meadowlarks. However, its song is less appropriate in a musical or rhythmic way than a meadowlark’s. In some ways both of these (being truly migratory) may be more appropriate in the eyes of some due to the increasing tendency of robins (in considerable numbers) and to a lesser extent bluebirds (but still much more often that meadowlarks or phoebes) to spend the winter in Michigan. Because of that tendency, when you see one (a robin or bluebird) in March, you never know if it is one that migrated in or one that has hung around all winter. Bob Carstens

  • Anonymous

    I look for the snowbirds, you can tell them by the Florida license plates on their cars.