Visit Currey Farms Pure Maple Syrup in Charlevoix where, each spring, friends and family come from all over the country to help bring in this season’s maple syrup. Art Currey and his wife, Jan, come North each spring after having restarted the maple syrup operation that Art’s parents, Robert and Betty Currey operated on the 320-acre farm in the 1970s. In just four seasons, Currey Farms Pure Maple Syrup produced 1,700 gallons of top quality syrup, among a small number of the biggest producers in the state.

But it is the annual gathering of family and friends from across the country, sharing the ’round the clock process of making maple syrup that keeps Art and Jan coming back each year.

Read about the Currey family’s annual quest to make pure maple syrup together in Making Maple Syrup with the Currey Family at Currey Farms in Charlevoix. And get Grandma Betty’s recipe for Homemade Waffles.

Photo(s) by Kris Riley