In Part Two of MyNorth’s Telemark series, Josh Baker, who owns The Outfitter in Harbor Springs with his wife, Molly, takes to the Northern Michigan slopes to demonstrate Telemark ski technique, including the graceful Telemark turn.

The Telemark turn got wide play in 1868 when a Norwegian named Sondre Norheim displayed the fluid turn during a ski jumping competition. The Telemark turn had a strong influence on the ski world until the early 1900’s when new techniques, closer to today’s downhill ski techniques, made it easier to make shorter, faster turns on alpine runs. The Telemark has remained the preference for backcountry skiing and for touring on rolling terrain.

From latching into the Telemark bindings to the step-by-step of completing a turn, Josh displays the essence of learning Telemark skiing. He explains how telemark skiing can create a whole new skiing experience at Northern Michigan resorts you may have skied for years. As he says: "Everything’s a black diamond at our Northern Michigan resorts in your first year."

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