Doug Stanton, Traverse City best-selling writer and author of “Horse Soldiers” and “In Harm’s Way” talks about the Traverse City National Writer’s Series, a year-long book event bringing nationally-acclaimed writers to the City Opera House in downtown Traverse City. Stanton, one of the founders of the Traverse City National Writer’s Series, explains that this book festival event is unique in the country by offering intimate evenings with each author, as well as sponsoring author events in the community.

“These evenings at the City Opera House are inspired by those great dinner parties we’ve all been to where the discussion is impassioned, lively and funny,” says Stanton. “They are conversational, with time for Q & A with the audience. Plus there is a great reception where the author signs books and even can answer one on one questions.”

But the book event doesn’t stop after an evening presentation. Authors have agreed to reach out to young authors by going into the Traverse City school system, giving young people interested in writing a chance to ask working authors how they make a living and how they got there.

Stanton stresses that the Traverse City National Writer’s Series has one of the best lists of any writer festivals in the country. Writers such as Tom Brokaw, Mary Karr (The Liar’s Club and Lit), James Bradley (Flags Of Our Fathers and Imperial Cruise), Walter Kirn (Lost in the Meritocracy and Up In The Air, upon which the 2009 Golden Globe-nominated George Clooney movie is based) are scheduled to take part in these unique book events throughout 2010. And Stanton stresses that there are more than enough interested writers for the book festival to go on and on.

The Traverse City National Writer’s Series, co-founded by Doug Stanton, investigative journalist Anne Stanton and attorney Grant Parsons, is also the creator of the National Writers Series Scholarship program, whose mission it is to support young authors planning to study writing in college. Series organizers are partnering with area schools, libraries, bookstores, and businesses to host the events and fund the scholarships.

Tickets can be purchased at the City Opera House box office, or online at Tickets are $15 advance/$20 at the door for adults, and $5 for students. For more information, visit