When you call your company “recyclechicken.com,” the first thing you usually have to do is explain the name.

“I thought ‘Monster’ has nothing to do with jobs, so why not call it ‘RecycleChicken?’” says Kelly Ignace, founder of recyclechicken.com, a website that serves all of Northwest Michigan’s odd and unusual recycling needs. “It evokes curiosity.”

While the name might be (forgive us) plucky, the concept behind RecycleChicken is serious. Ignace, also known as “Head Hen,” holds a degree in resource planning and management from the University of Michigan. She has worked for Benzie, Leelanau, and Grand Traverse County in various management positions in their recycling and waste management endeavors. She’s no stranger to the enormous amounts of waste we humans produce and plague the planet with.

“It’s about wasting less,” she says. “We’ve got to reduce and reuse as well as recycling. Plus you can actually make money by recycling.”

RecycleChicken.com tells you how many miles from your zip code are places where you can recycle almost anything—from bowling balls to paint to car parts to chemicals and the list keeps on growing.

Recyclechicken.com went live this past November. If your curiosity is evoked, (sorry, here we go again) cluck on  recyclechicken.com to learn more. It will tell you (oh no, not another one!) eggxactly where to take your stuff to reduce, reuse and recycle.

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