You sweep dog fur every day, 365 days a year. You wonder, couldn’t I make something productive with this, like say a Valentine’s Day sweater for my girlfriend? The romantic answer is yes.

A couple of basic things to know. You want the under coat (soft) not the guard hairs (prickly). And you want to comb your dog during the spring molt, when the dog has a lot of under coat and is shedding less guard hair than in fall. The hair should be at least 1.5 inches long.

You’ll have to spin it, too, of course (you can find people on the Internet who will do this for you). Some people spin the dog fur with wool so the sweater sheds less (you don’t want to be sweeping up after your girlfriend too). For the entire how-to, we suggest getting the book, conveniently titled, Knitting with Dog Hair., used $9.50/new $28.74.

P.S. Tell your girlfriend that for sure she won’t smell like a wet dog when she gets caught in a rain (at least that’s what dog-hair sweater advocates say).

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