1. Ever heard of a traditional groom’s cake? Neither had we until we saw this handsome bow-tied gateau—baked up so that single gals can take a piece home to put under their pillows. An old wives tale says they’ll marry the one they dream of that night. PHOTO BY PHOTOGRAPHY BY SCARLETT

2. Throwing a wedding in a wine region has obvious perks, but some not-so-obvious ones, too: Many wineries will happily donate used wine bottle corks that you can use to make into place card holders. Simply (and carefully) slice off one long side with a sharp knife so the cork will stay upright, then slit the cork across the top and slip in a place card. Find area wineries at lpwines.com or wineriesofoldmission.com. PHOTO BY NORTHERN ART PHOTOGRAPHY

3. Maybe you fell in love licking ice cream cones together while the sun set over Lake Michigan. Or maybe you didn’t. Either way, hand-dipped cones are a whimsically simple dessert for a summer wedding. PHOTO BY CORY WEBER PHOTOGRAPHY

4. Proper footwear is required at beachside weddings. Help out your guests by having a bucketful of colorful flip-flops in a range of sizes, sand-side. PHOTO BY NORTHERN ART PHOTOGRAPHY

5. Nobody ever said a perfect pair has to match. Mismatched candlesticks and vases shake up your table décor. PHOTO BY CORY WEBER PHOTOGRAPHY

6. Please pie lovers (and show off Up North’s fruit belt) by trading the traditional tiered masterpiece for some good old-fashioned dessert. Whoever said it has to be wedding cake? PHOTO BY CORY WEBER PHOTOGRAPHY

7. Your groomsmen are handsome, funny and smart—and maybe they can even dance. But can they tie a tie? Avoid last minute knotty problems and be ready with tie-tying 101 lesson materials. PHOTO BY PHOTOGRAPHY BY SCARLETT

8. The coolest way to get from the chapel to the reception? A bridal party float. (As if you needed reasons to party on a boat.) PHOTO BY CORY WEBER PHOTOGRAPHY

9. Throwing rice at the bride and groom can hurt people and birds; confetti leaves a mess. Blowing bubbles? Sweet. PHOTO BY PHOTOGRAPHY BY SCARLETT

10. For an altruistic twist on wedding favors, make a donation to your favorite nonprofit, then create an artful way to let your guests know. PHOTO BY CORY WEBER PHOTOGRAPHY

11. Customize your thank-you notes: Pick a fun spot at your wedding venue, pose with a “thank you” sign and have a friend snap a pic. If you’re not the DIY-computer type, head to a copy shop to have the photo imprinted on cards. PHOTO BY NORTHERN ART PHOTOGRAPHY

12. Personalize your table numbers by framing pictures of yourselves imprinted with the table number.  PHOTO BY JEN KROLL PHOTOGRAPHY

13. Pose with Big Mac, and the world (or at least everyone who looks at your wedding pics) will know you were married Up North. PHOTO BY PHOTOGRAPHY BY SCARLETT

14. Green up your wedding reception by substituting Ball jars for paper cups. Pick up tags at an office supply store, write your guests’ names on them, and tie them to the mouth of the jar with ribbon or raffia. PHOTO BY PHOTOGRAPHY BY SCARLETT

15. If you want an outdoor wedding but can’t give up the heels, better wear your SoleMates. thesolemates.com. PHOTO BY PHOTOGRAPHY BY SCARLETT

16. Simple, rustic, hand-painted signs are a charming way to show guests the way to outdoor weddings. PHOTO BY NORTHERN ART PHOTOGRAPHY

17. Your bridesmaids are beautiful—but so are your bridesmaids’ dresses. Pose them for a photo before the wedding in a pretty location. PHOTO BY NORTHERN ART PHOTOGRAPHY

18. If the shoe fits you, your wedding will too. Are you as simply elegant as a ballet slipper? … PHOTO BY PARKER PHOTOGRAPHIC

19. Prone to pairin’ leather with your lace? … PHOTO BY CORY WEBER PHOTOGRAPHY

20. Oh, yes, you are a princess … . PHOTO BY PHOTOGRAPHY BY SCARLETT

21. Most comfortable in nothing at all. PHOTO BY PHOTOGRAPHY BY SCARLETT

22. An idea so simple it’s profound: Create an outdoor Northwoods altar using birch logs topped with flowers. Then say your “I do’s” between them. PHOTO BY NORTHERN ART PHOTOGRAPHY

23. Hang glass jars from garden shepherd hooks, and you’ll instantly dress up any outdoor space you’ll use for your wedding. Fill the jars with bouquets during the day. Burn tealights in them at night. PHOTO BY CORY WEBER PHOTOGRAPHY

24. Remember to ask your wedding photographer to record the occasion’s artful details. PHOTO BY PHOTOGRAPHY BY SCARLETT

25. We can’t think of a better way to spell out the romance of an Up North wedding than a love note in the sand. PHOTO BY PHOTOGRAPHY BY SCARLETT

26. Cupcakes bake the mess out of slicing up a wedding cake—a particular problem during steamy summer outdoor weddings. It’s also a great way to mix up cake and icing flavors. PHOTO BY PHOTOGRAPHY BY SCARLETT

27. She’s not your bridesmaid (or maybe she is?) but she is your best friend. Don’t forget to dress Crumpet for the occasion. PHOTO BY PHOTOGRAPHY BY SCARLETT

28. Chances are your wedding photographer will own the print and web rights to your photos. Give your wedding party pocket digital cameras, and you’ll be all over Facebook. PHOTO BY NORTHERN ART PHOTOGRAPHY

29. Blast off into your new life with a fireworks grand finale. PHOTO BY PHOTOGRAPHY BY SCARLETT

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