Growing up on an Old Mission Peninsula cherry farm meant the Herkner sisters were guinea pigs for their parents’ various experiments with ways to cook cherries. One recipe stood out among the rest, and seven months ago the sisters decided it was time to take it to market. And what a ride it’s been.

“We’re just going gangbusters,” said Lynda Herkner. “Our parents spent a lot of time perfecting this special cherry topping and people just love it.”

Love it so much, in fact, the sister’s company Herkner Foods, is working hard to keep up with the demand. It’s even gotten the attention of Whole Foods, which is considering carrying the topping nationally. “We cannot believe the success we’re having,” said Herkner.

What makes Herkner Homemade Cherry Topping such a standout? It’s versatile. So versatile the sisters put together a cookbook with 114 recipes for ways to use their product on meats, fish and poultry and in sauces and dressings proving the cherry is not just for dessert anymore. Dessert lovers don’t despair, the topping also can be used in cakes and cookies and, yes, especially on ice cream.

Herkner’s Homemade Cherry Topping contains only all-natural ingredients and is available locally at specialty markets.

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