It’s the holidays and that means holiday events. A reason for a new dress, but what to do with your hair? Mon Dieu! We are grateful that U.S. Immigration extended Christophe Mougin’s work visa another several years. Last January, the French master hair stylist, who worked at Lyon’s posh Salon Dolores et Gerard for nearly 10 years before taking a job at Traverse City’s Pavlova salon in 2002, was in danger of having to return to France. Happily, the good sense (and style conscience perhaps?) of the authorities prevailed, and Christophe is here to help us through another holiday season.

His take on how to wear your hair when you’re out on the town: long, smooth and layered, or in soft, sexy waves. Highlights? Oui, but hold the foil.

“We are done with really heavy blond highlights—now more Balayage,” he says, speaking of the trendier, hand-painted highlights. And save that sweet little holiday updo for brides and prom queens. “It is going to be, like, really not good,” says Christophe.