Santa’s got another stunt up his sleeve, but it has nothing to do with his naughty list. Jeffery Schatzer is author, Santa and co-creator of Big Belly Books, a Northern Michigan company creating and publishing totally Michigan products. This time Schatzer paired up with Ty Smith (Illustrator), Don Rutt (Photographer), Mark Bush (Designed by) to create The Elves in Santa’s Workshop, released this fall.

How did Santa meet the elves? And, why do they live and work at the very top of the world? "The Elves in Santa’s Workshop" is a story of kindness, caring, and overcoming obstacles through cooperation. Together, Santa and the elves make wishes come true for children around the world.

We won’t give the story away but we will tell you that this, as well as Schatzer’s other books, is available through many local bookstores, including Horizon Books, Traverse City,

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