Rick Steele, of Traverse City, was working on a home project that involved a lot of duct tape and found himself continually frustrated when dealing with the roll. He began looking for a duct tape dispenser and discovered that no such product existed. Most people would just go back to the sticky mess of managing the roll. But Rick and his wife, Wendy, saw an opportunity. They formed Stexley-Brake (a name that uses letters from the names of their five children) and began producing The Tape Wrangler™.

The Tape Wrangler is designed for either home or commercial use, holding and dispensing up to 70 yards of heavy duty duct tape. The dispenser can be mounted on a wall or under a desktop and can also be popped out for free-standing use. In addition, the Tape Wrangler can be used with most rolls of conventional strapping or shipping tape.

The Tape Wrangler is a Made in Michigan product, great as a gift or to help out with all the holiday shipping ahead. 781 Industrial Circle, Suite 4, Traverse City, 231-943-0992. www.tapewrangler.com.

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