It’s the kind of story that warms your heart: Bill Stewart was helping his children with a school project on making candles. In the process he got hooked on the craft and started experimenting. The result was a one-of-a-kind candle that glows from the top to the bottom. Betting he could turn his candle invention into a business, Stewart started Bullfrog Candles in 1981.

Four years later he moved the business to Charlevoix from downstate—and away from the Shiawassee Flats Game Refugewhere the noisy bullfrogs inspired his company’s name. Today, each candle is handcrafted in Charlevoix.

Bullfrog candles are unscented and come in a variety of designs allowing you to fashion a fabulous setting for any event. Custom designs and personalized candles are available. Christmas candles starting at $12.50. Bullfrog Light Company,  CharlevoIx, 231-547-4407,

Watch the the video featuring Bullfrog Candles.

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