Video: The Wonders of Grass River Natural Area

Sit back and relax as you wander the Grass River Natural Area, located in Antrim County’s Chain of Lakes region, 4 miles south of Bellaire and 4 miles northeast of Alden. Founded in 1969 as a local grassroots effort to save the area’s wetlands from development, Grass River has grown to encompass 1,325 acres of lakes, rivers, streams, upland forest and floating sedges. The natural area borders all 2.5 miles of the Grass River and over 6 miles of shoreline.

Grass River is a wonderful way to step into a microcosm of northern Michigan habitat and ecology with 400 species of plants, 49 species of mammals and 65 bird species. With 7.5 miles of trails that take you through upland forests and floating sedges and to waterviews and bird-watching spots, you are able to literally lose yourself in the peace and serenity of nature. A Perception Pathway is available for visitors with special needs as it is wheelchair and stroller accessible.

Grass River is open year-round and offers 80 classes in everything from wildflower identification and morel mushroom hunting. For more information call 231-533-8314 of visit GRASSRIVER.ORG.

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