A few Fridays ago I had a delicious summer dinner at the lodge at Chimney Corners with the resort’s matriarch, Mollie Rogers. Mollie began delighting guests with her fantastic, gracious buffets at the lodge in the late ’40s. Her Chimney Corners Cookbook is something else! Mollie’s Macédoine of Fruits in Champagne which keeps the fun at a summer dinner party flowing.

The recipe is as easy as mixing up a bowl of summer fruit—blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, cut up melon, sliced nectarines and peaches all work well. Uncork a bottle of Champagne, pour a dollop into indiviual shallow bowls then ladle in the fruit.

Says Mollie, "Nothing is prettier or more welcome for dessert after a big dinner than a bowlful of fresh fruit … Then, treat your fruit bowl to a bottle of champagne! … It fizzes and bubbles-lovely!"

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