Have you ever passed an hour (or three) trying to get a fire going outside? What little paper you brought, if any, is long gone. You’re striking matches at an alarming rate only to see their flames fizzle. And then there is the endless blowing and blowing and blowing in an increasingly desperate attempt to get the smallest flicker of a flame to burst into a full bore fire.

It really doesn’t have to go that way. Jeff Smith and Jeff Morgan show you, step-by-step, the art and science of how to build a “sure-fire” fire. This is one of those keeper Outdoor 101 ideas that will make you a hero on a night out with the family at the beach or on a cold evening huddled by the tent. And there is nothing better than sitting in the warm and zen-like flame of an outdoor fire. Head out there!

Building a Fire is part of our ongoing series of videos designed to teach the simple skills that will make your time in the outdoors a lot safer and a lot more fun. Pull them out when you need them and head outside!

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