One beautiful August morning in Harbor Springs, I proposed the following menu:

I set off to see what I could find around town. First I went to Bill’s Farm Market and found an abundance of fine, fresh, local produce. Great tomatoes, all the lettuces I needed, lemons, fresh ginger, green and white onions and a beautiful summer squash. I would go back to Bill’s Farm Market to find many more fresh and local items in the weeks to come.

Next stop was Toski-Sands Delicatessen for the fish. They had an impressive display of fish, lobster and meats, and the halibut looked exceptional. I had a smile on my face as I looked around, because I knew I wouldn’t have to go anywhere else to find seafood or meat that day.

After picking up the remaining items at Bluff Garden Market, and having all that I needed, my meal preparation was a success—mainly because I had top-notch ingredients. I’m looking forward to returning to Harbor Springs and seeing what next summer has to offer. 

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Photo(s) by Todd Zawistowski