Kir cocktails served in a champagne flute already have a style all their own, but you can take it one better. Float beautiful pansy flowers in your cocktails for a summer entertaining twist that will make your cocktail hour not just delicious but beautiful as well.

How to do it:

  • Pick at least one (pesticide-free pansy blossom from your garden for each cocktail.
  • Place the blossoms in a colander and rinse in a light spray of water.
  • Carefully place the blossoms on a paper towel to drain.
  • Drizzle the inside of wine, champagne or cocktail glasses with honey.
  • Nearly fill the glasses with a Northern Michigan chilled white or sparkling wine. (, The cold wine will help the honey to stick in place.
  • Slowly pour an ounce of crème de cassis into each glass of wine and watch as it swirls into a pretty pink plume.
  • Float pansy blossoms on top of the cocktail.
  • Add a sprig of mint if you’d like.

That’s it! Your pansy-tail kir cocktails are ready for your summer evening.