Though the ticket line didn’t compare to the flood of Friends of the Traverse City Film Festival who waited for hours with folding chairs and coolers July 12, there was a small number of dedicated movie buffs who braved the cold Saturday with jackets and umbrellas to do the same.

John Prokes, a Traverse City resident, was glad the sun decided to take the day off Saturday as his 40-minute wait could have been closer to several hours had more people come out to buy tickets.

It’s cold, but I’d rather wait in line and be guaranteed to see certain shows than risk not being able to see them at all, he said.

Prokes, who for the last three years has chosen to skip the line and look for tickets on the Internet, said it’s not always easy to find the tickets you want if you don’t buy them when they go on sale. Also, it’s hard to get ahold of certain films that aren’t mainstream after the festival is over. This includes many of the films Prokes has his heart set on seeing, such as Crude, Football Under Cover and The Chaser.

But for Prokes, as well as many other film festival-goers, it’s not just about the films. It’s about seeing documentaries, comedies, dramas and foreign films in the historical atmosphere provided by the city.

“The State Theater, The Opera House—these are cool places to see movies,” said Prokes. “And everything is downtown. That’s why this festival is so great.”

Marci Perthes is another Traverse City resident who didn’t let the cold July weather stop her from waiting in line to purchase film festival tickets. However, Perthes didn’t risk a cold for herself.

“I don’t usually stand in line,” she said. “I usually just go down to the open space and watch the free movies, but my sister is coming in for the festival this year and she asked me to buy tickets. She owes me,” she said with a smile.

For a complete film schedule, tickets and more, check the Traverse City Film Festival.

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Photo(s) by Stephanie Goldberg