Their name caught our eye, their music caught our heart. Consider letting your iPod have a summer fling with this Toronto folk-pop band’s new album Lost Channels. The atmospheric, folk-tinged tunes are perfect while flipping pancakes on a sunshiny morning or for spending idle time with on a beach blanket. Lead singer Tony Dekker’s willowy tenor is disarmingly confident—just when his languid melodies dip into the melancholy, they pop up for crisp little sips of fresh air. Our Picks: The quietly catchy “Pulling on a Line,” selected as an NPR Song of the Day when Lost Channels was released in March; the lush and tender “River’s Edge”; and “Still,” performed with vintage blues guitars from the 1920’s.

Favorite Up North Song

What music fits our beautiful Up North world? Reminds you of your Michigan youth? inspires you on a drive through the woods or along the lakes? Share your favorite Up North tune in our Community.

Photo(s) by Courtesy Great Lakes Swimmers