Sunny and cold this morning, we are all up early. I decided to pack the majority of my stuff and load it in the car. Jim, Sharon, Jack and Elaine are going home tonight. So they are really packing up their stuff and getting their rooms cleaned for the next set of keepers.

I am ready to come home. I have had a great two weeks, but back to reality.

We had a steady stream of visitors today. No big rushes, just a steady stream. I was able to run out and take some more pictures.Jack broke his personal best of tower climbs for this two-week tour. He climbed the tower 138 times and reached a career total of 888. We will not mention how many times I climbed.

As a keeper your daily responsibilities include checking the port-o-john’s (stirring the pot), putting new trash bags in the outside trash bins, rinsing the pop cans out and returning them to the store for a refund, blowing the sand off the sidewalks, watering the flowers, sweeping the tower stairs, plus we have to keep our rooms neat in case we have time to occasionally show someone our living quarters.

We had several people call during our tour and yell at us for not being able to drive back to the lighthouse. We have three bus days for those who cannot get out here on their own. When it is very busy in the summer there is no time to run out to the entrance to the state park and pick someone up.

Besides it is against the park rules to be on the access road when we are open for business.

Another newly elected board member stopped out today. Doug is really nice and will be a great asset to the board also.

We have 100 students coming from Hart tomorrow. So my hopes of getting out of town early probably won’t happen.

After we said our good-byes I decided to go to the state park and try to find the swan with her babies. Her nest was empty and she was nowhere to be found. I walked around the trails a little then headed into town. I had seen the Badger car ferry out in the lake, so I thought I would go watch it come into its home in Pere Marquette Lake. Sheri, my friend from Texas, called to thank me for her birthday present. (A membership to the lighthouse association) She loves lighthouses and will be joining me next year as a keeper. They just don’t have lighthouses in Austin, Texas.

The cloud cover is spectacular tonight. There is supposed to be a storm moving in from the northeast, and the sun is still shining, making an awesome backdrop for a lighthouse picture.

Guess that’s it. Tomorrow’s agenda will be to herd school kids and fill out my keeper application for next year. I also need to call and find a facility for our annual meeting next year, we will need a place big enough for a great silent auction and a price that people can afford.

Monday, June 1, 2009

It is 6 a.m., the wind is howling, and I see dark storm clouds to the north, and raindrops on the window to the south. Never a good day to have school kids walk out. This is my last day at Big Sable Point Lighthouse. My R&R is over. I love this place but not sure I would want to live here as the earlier keepers did. It is isolated, and there would be a tremendous amount of busy, hard work. Just sweeping the sand on a daily basis would surely make someone nuts, and if that did not get to you, the isolation would.

Sweep the floor Ric, I will be home tomorrow. I have missed you a lot. Thanks for letting me pursue yet another adventure. Lots of pictures taken today, enjoy.

As Always, Ciel

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