Diary: Ceil Heller’s stay as a lighthouse keeper

The only other commitment I had was to go into Ludington to a fundraiser for the Women’s Shelter (C.O.V.E), an annual event I go to. It was their 30th anniversary this year. A great turn out and they raised $5,000. This is such a great organization that provides a much-needed service for battered women and their children. Yes my car made it through the small lake at the end of the road.

Yeah, now my R&R can really start. Over the next five days I would take several walks all with cameras in tow. I have a new macro lens that I wanted to perfect. I briefly woke up one morning at 6 a.m., thought for a nanosecond of getting up to get early morning photos, but promptly went back to sleep.

During my five days of R&R I have done the following:

Read a lot. Magazines, newspapers, could not hold my interest in any one book. Too much activity to watch outside.

I work on some lighthouse board stuff, (Oh yeah, I am the president of the organization this year, not sure what I was thinking but I have a great board that helps a lot.)

I rode my bicycle, had intentions of going to the Blessing of the Bikes on Sunday in Baldwin, I thought it would be a great photo, my pedal bike with all the motorcycles. Sunday was cold and windy, Baldwin was 15 miles away, decided to bag that idea.

I was awakened on Sat. morning at 6 a.m. to the sounds of “bang, thud, thud” again, “bang, thud, thud” this went on about every 30 sec. Finally I got up and it is a red cardinal trying to get into my bathroom window. Not sure why, his girlfriend was at the birdfeeder with him Friday night. Ric thinks he saw his reflection in the window and wanted to keep that phantom bird away from his girlfriend. This would go on all day Sat and Sun.

While Article Managerwalking one day, (you have to understand, we are right next to the Manistee National Forest, and there is lots of wildlife.) I had the crap scared out of me by a deer. It took off running through the swamp then it started to snort at me. I never did see it so I had the brief thought of “what if it’s a bear”? I had my camera so if found dead I would have had pics of the whole event.

The wild flowers are all in bloom. The forest floor is covered with Trillium, the violets are just coming up, and the marsh marigolds are beautiful. The trees are at various stages of blooming, and the ferns are just beginning to takeover the forest floor. Needless to say I have lots of pictures.

I saw a crane across the river. I have seen it fly down the river to fish but never just standing on the riverbank. I have tried to get pictures of all the birds that visited the bird feeder, we had the woodpecker, blue jays, male and female cardinals, morning dove, indigo bunting, hummingbirds, yellow finches and I think some sort of a sparrow. I had a chipmunk come up to the patio door.

I listened to my CD’s, listened mostly to my new one, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, gotta love the oldies. I sang along, always singing louder to the verses I know. I know my biking friends will appreciate this paragraph; this is what I have done to them before. I have no one to criticize, or a dog to howl at my bad singing. I am often told not to give up my real job.

I move into the lighthouse tomorrow around 4 p.m. I am finally excited. A little nervous that I am with new people but hey, it is all about the experience.

This five days of R&R is just what I have needed. I have finally caught up on my rest. I have slept well every night. I am relaxed.

As Always, Ceil

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