What a strange weather day we had. I awoke to sun, then the clouds rolled in, wind out of the south, then the sun came back out. Around 11a.m we had a small thunder storm, then the sun came out for the rest of the day, warm, then the wind shifted to give us a cool breeze from the north but the lake waves were from the south. It is to go down to the 30’s tonight.

I took a short walk on the beach to the north this morning. Then I came in and did some cleaning in preparation for going home on Mon. It is my day to cook, and we are having guests, Steve and Grace, (Grace is a fellow board member). We will eat in the apartment living quarters, the table is bigger, and we have more room. The only hassle is dragging all the food downstairs. Steve and Grace are very interesting people; they are in the process of writing a book on the Ludington Life Saving Station. They have completed their research and are now in the writing phase. Dinner was easy, pulled pork BBQ sandwiches. We are trying to empty out the refrigerator before everyone goes home. Jack, Elaine, Jim and Sharon all go home tomorrow evening. Joan, Bruce and I go home on Mon. afternoon. Bruce and Joan are riding the Badger car ferry on Tues. morning to Wisconsin, and then they will have six more hours to go until they get to their home in Minnesota.

We were not that busy today. We had a school group visit. They were 6th graders who were stopping briefly at our lighthouse and then continuing on backpacking to the Nordhouse dunes, about 3 miles north of the lighthouse. I hope they have enough warm clothes for tonight.

After we had eaten dinner and the kitchen cleaned up, Sharon and Jim drove to their cabin to take some stuff home. Jack, Steve, Bruce and I went for a walk. Jack and I were especially hopeful that we would get a picture like the one Jim got last night. We stood outside for about 1 hour with a cold north wind hoping the picture Gods would be kind to us. No such luck.

The plover girl, Tiffany stopped in today. They found one more nest. They now just have one more to locate and get a cage to go over the nest. Tiffany’s job as “Plover Girl” is to cover six miles of territory in hunt of the plovers. She used to have a partner, but she got a better job and left. They also found a newborn fawn between the park office and the house where the keepers for our breakwater light stay.

As you see we did not do much. Jack continues to joke around. Joan is to climb the tower today. Jack made her a toilet paper banner that said “you did it.” Sharon also made it to the top. Both are afraid of heights. I am working with such a great group of people. We have gotten along so well. It will be sad to say our good-byes. It is midnight, and I really need to get to sleep. 6 a.m. will be here before I know it.

As Always, Ceil

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