Blu Moon’s irresistible comfort cuisine is served in a darling diner that percolates with mom Marilyn’s down-to-earth glamour. Randy and Marilyn Cunic steer the ship with their two daughters (aged 19 years apart) and their elder daughter’s fiancé, executive chef Jason Munford. Their twilight dining is drive-worthy, but you also won’t find breakfast like this for miles, by land or by lake: Blintzes filled with cottage and cream cheeses, lemon zest and vanilla bean; fried chicken tucked in a biscuit; hot fry bread with ripe-red strawberry freezer jam. Here we check in with Blu Moon Café’s co-owner Randy Cunic and executive chef Jason Munford.

Blu Moon breakfast is always delish, but I hear it’s kicked up a notch on weekends?

Jason: We do weekend features like huevos rancheros, layered with really good refried beans and chorizo sausage—we make our tortillas in house. And savory lobster crêpes made with roasted garlic.

There are some family recipes on the menu, too?

Randy: Our Egg Thing was a breakfast soufflé my brother and his family made every Christmas, and we figured why only once a year? It’s made with ground pork sausage infused with sage and topped with sautéed garlic mushrooms.

Your biscuits bring a little Southern flavor Up North.

Randy: Marilyn is from the South—down there people put meat in the biscuit and take it with them in a foil wrapper. Our fried chicken biscuit is really simple and really popular.

You are in asparagus country here; do your breakfasts go green in May?

Jason: Our frittata is made with asparagus in May, and finished with Gouda or hollandaise. Our eggs benedict comes with oven roasted asparagus. And for a lunch appetizer I came up with a fried asparagus wonton with a miso glaze.

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Blu Moon serves up the best cuisine of many regions for breakfast, lunch and dinner: Belgian malted waffles, Canadian poutine, Cincinnati chili, Norwegian salmon cakes, Missouri-style ribs, Southern shrimp and grits, and Yankee pot roast. 125 S James St. Ludington, 231-843-2001

Photo(s) by Todd Zawistowski