Float Away on the Upper Manistee: the Itinerary

Day 4

From somewhere between Coster Road and Lucas Road Bridges to Chippewa Landing canoe livery and private campground: 8ish miles.

Being as it was my last day, I took this stretch especially slow. Saw a pair of bald eagles (have never seen a pair before!), steered more often than paddled, stopped to swim, and still, I arrived at my final takeout at Chippewa Landing in about 4 hours. Sigh.

Anyway, I definitely recommend taking out or, for that matter, putting in here. The folks who run Chippewa Landing were beyond nice, allowing me to have my car parked and waiting for me (two friends picked it up at M-72 and deposited here for me a few days before). Not a lot of liveries are so kind unless you’re renting their boats.

If you don’t have friends as kind as mine—folks who are willing to schlep your car from put-in to take-out point so you can indulge in a multi-day trip down the Upper Manistee—Chippewa Landing will still help: you can drive your car to Chippewa Landing, and the livery will port you and your rented boat to several put-in points upstream of the landing—M-66 Bridge, Sharon Bridge, CCC Bridge or M-72—depending on how many days you want to paddle. Call for rates, 231-313-0832, chippewalanding.com.

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