Bio: As a child Ryan Sigsbey tagged along on jobs with his uncle David Tuxbury, founder of both American Log Restoration and Maple Island Log Homes. Since then, American Log Restoration has expanded from its Michigan-based roots to cover the Eastern United States. Sigsbey is the company’s project manager.

You must see some cool old cabins—what’s the oldest structure you’ve worked on?

We replaced a few logs in a 1790’s home in Winnetka, Illinois. It was historic—been moved several times—and yes, it was pretty cool.

Is there one common problem you encounter with log homes?

Log rot. It’s caused by water, sun and deterioration.

How do you fix log rot?

Replacing logs is the only long-term solution. There are wood-fillers and epoxy but those don’t look good and they are short term. We specialize in matching the new log species with the old one. We also match the method that was used to peel the old log—they could have been pressure washed, hand-peeled, turned or peeled by machine.

Any preventative maintenance?

Keep up with staining treatments and keep your eye out for rot. The signs are discoloration or mold. Clean it off when you see it. Tackle little problems before they become big ones.

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Photo(s) by Todd Zawistowski