Northern Michigan’s Best Eats 2009

Our 46 Best Eats Unveiled! We’ve discovered a brand-new batch of food pleasures across the great North, one delectable bite at a time. visitors voted on your favorites, check out the results! and jump into the discussion to share any that we might have missed.

1. Pear-adise salad

This salad has it all: crunchy red cabbage with tender greens, slivers of red onion and cucumbers, creamy goat cheese, char-grilled chicken, tart dried cranberries, sweet sliced red pears and honey-coated almonds. To dress it all: homemade pesto ranch. Centre Street Café, 1125 Centre St., Traverse City, 231-946-5872

2. Moka Walnut Bars

Cathy Peterson’s buttery shortbread would be so good on its own, but it’s even better as a perch for smooth caramel and fresh, crunchy walnuts. Moka, 102 S. Bridge Lane Bellaire, 231-533-6262

3. Crab Cake Benedict

A sweet, meaty Maryland crab cake stands in for Canadian bacon on this classic Benedict topped with fresh basil and from-scratch Hollandaise sauce. Good Harbor Grill, 6584 Western Ave., Glen Arbor, 231-334-3555

4. Cheddar, Onion and Apple Omelet

Each bite is a masterful sweet-savory contrast, heightened all the more by a side of crispy bacon. Art’s Tavern, 6487 Western Ave., Glen Arbor, 231-334-3754

5. Crème Brûlée Oatmeal

Silky custard poured over steel cut oats then sugared and brûléed to create dessert for breakfast. Cuppa Joe Warehouse Lounge, 221 Garland, Suite D, Traverse City, 231-421-1945

Article Comments

  • tedder

    Ref. classic eats— How about “Dam Site Inn in Pelston for chicken” The BEST!!!
    Also the atmosphire in the summer is 100% “up-north”. Probably dosen’t qualify as 2009 yet but it will as usual.

  • Bonnie Quick

    The very best, homemade lemon cupcakes with real lemon curd in the middle. Riverfront Pizza & Specialties, On the Crystal River in Glen Arbor, MI.

  • K Britten

    Benjamin Twiggs Cherry Salsa is the best! A must have. Just the right amount of salsa-kick for me!

  • Blondie54321

    I was at Boyne Mountain resorts Aug. 26, 27, and 28th during the HOG rally. I took in the wine and cheese tasting and had the most magnificent cheese their that had pineapple and possibly mango or apricot in it. It was a white cheese and melted in your mouth. Can anyone help me find who in Michigan is selling that cheese?? Thanks you can email me at [email protected]