Northern Michigan’s Best Eats 2009

20. Thursday Pierogies

Farmers cheese, egg, onion or mashed potato-and-cheddar pierogies are sautéed in butter and onion and served with kraut cabbage, pork ribs and polish sausage. Verna Bartnik has made them from her Polish grandmother’s recipe for the Thursday special for more than 20 years. Old Mission Tavern, 17015 Center Rd., Traverse City, 231-223-7280

21. Fungus Amongus

They’ve been sending people out the door with butcher paper–wrapped marvels for 30 years, but number 25 on their famous sandwich board still gets our vote: sliced London broil, imported Asiago, fresh portabella mushrooms and onions are grilled and topped with lettuce and Donna Folgarelli’s mom Marge’s Italian dressing on homemade rosemary ciabatta. Folgarelli’s Italian Import Market, 424 W. Front St., Traverse City, 231-941-7651

22. Blue Cheese Dressing

This cool and dreamy sour cream, black pepper and blue cheese-laced indulgence induces nostalgic oohs and ahhs when poured over a crisp iceberg wedge. Mode’s Bum Steer, 125 E. State St., Traverse City, 231-947-9832

23. Classic Borscht

The bar got a little reputation revamp, the soup did not: it’s still the delicious burger-laced beet potage it always was. The Cabbage Shed, 198 Frankfort Ave., Elberta, 231-352-9843

24. Sour Cream Doughnuts

These golden-rich puppies are fried longer than regular doughnuts for that caramelized crunch on the outside. Johan’s Pastry Shop, 565 W. Mitchell St. Petoskey, 231-347-3815

25. Prime Rib

Tourists and locals alike come for the big portions of slow roasted rib. Go red-blooded or turf it up with shrimp, perch, snow crab or lobster. Boone’s Long Lake Inn, 7208 Secor Rd., Traverse City, 231-946-3991

26. Tacos de Pescado

Let’s see—green chile sour cream, shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, guacamole and grilled mahimahi tucked in warm corn tortillas. What else can take a cool day in March straight to beach season? Scott’s Harbor Grill, 12719 SW Bay Shore Dr., Traverse City, 231-922-2114

Article Comments

  • tedder

    Ref. classic eats— How about “Dam Site Inn in Pelston for chicken” The BEST!!!
    Also the atmosphire in the summer is 100% “up-north”. Probably dosen’t qualify as 2009 yet but it will as usual.

  • Bonnie Quick

    The very best, homemade lemon cupcakes with real lemon curd in the middle. Riverfront Pizza & Specialties, On the Crystal River in Glen Arbor, MI.

  • K Britten

    Benjamin Twiggs Cherry Salsa is the best! A must have. Just the right amount of salsa-kick for me!

  • Blondie54321

    I was at Boyne Mountain resorts Aug. 26, 27, and 28th during the HOG rally. I took in the wine and cheese tasting and had the most magnificent cheese their that had pineapple and possibly mango or apricot in it. It was a white cheese and melted in your mouth. Can anyone help me find who in Michigan is selling that cheese?? Thanks you can email me at [email protected]