A Moving Experience: Harbor Springs

But it all worked out. Crane is delighted that her instincts were good. Before the move, the farmhouse was a little crooked, and now it’s standing tall—rewired, replumbed and restored from top to bottom. The dark-stained beadboard now wears satiny shades of ceramic paint that could have been mixed in a candy shop: sweet cream, butter yellow, taffy pink, mint green, pale lavender. Crane had them custom-matched to the fabrics she used to upholster her 1930’s-inspired furnishings. And the maple floors are back to their original light shade of honey.

Upstairs, what once was one big room has been turned into a deluxe master suite. Thanks to the extra four feet, there’s a soaring skylight that frames the sun and moon, and tall windows that showcase a delicious view of the gardens, the beach and all those incomparable sunsets over Lake Michigan.Crane may have bought this toasty place on impulse, but it came off like she’d planned it for years.

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    Now thats Green Building! Job well done for the Richie brothers