A Fresh Take on Maple Syrup

The subdued, earthy sweetness of maple syrup is luscious drizzled on desserts or as the foil to salty bacon on a plate of waffles. But it works deliciously, too, as the balancing ingredient in a simple cider vinaigrette. This fabulous maple vinaigrette recipe is perfect to use on spinach salad with bacon and hardboiled egg, or to dress this crisp slaw. The dressing’s tangy-sweetness complements the crunchy cabbage and apples, a smidgen of creamy, sharp Gorgonzola and spicy-sweet maple pecans. (Note: Besides being a delicious slaw topper, the maple pecans are irresistible with a glass of white wine, or crushed and baked into homemade shortbread.)

Get the recipe: Slaw with Maple Vinaigrette and Spicy Maple Pecans

How To: Make Backyard Maple Syrup

Maple fanatic? Make a fun dessert of maple candy and chase it down with some maple lemonade.

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