A Better Idea for Green Lighting

Solution: X-ceed by Lightolier.

X-ceed recessed lighting is designed specifically for energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs—meaning better light dispersion. The light is so good, that Lightolier estimates you’ll actually need one-third less recessed lights than you would if you were using incandescent bulbs. The fixtures are Energy Star certified, dimmable, suitable for showers and other wet locations and turn on instantly (none of that old-fashioned fluorescent delay). The Lighting Center in Traverse City can tell you more. 231-941-5414; lightingcenterweb.com.

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Article Comments

  • Anonymous

    Sure, compact fluorescent bulbs save a few watts. Sure, they’re as hip to purchase as “organic” this or “free-range” that (though both cost double and are packaged just as superfluously as the big-box evil-doers).

    However, CF bulbs contain traces of mercury and are rarely disposed of properly. This whole CF movement is a wash, and what good might be done by saving electricity is outweighed by the sudden mass-release of mercury from consumers who don’t know that they can’t just toss their bulbs in the garbage.

    For more information:

  • Anonymous

    Good thought. I also feel strongly about this, since I believe my son’s autism may be mercury related.

    I have found that often when people hear this news, they hang their heads in defeat and switch back to the “old-fashioned” bulbs.

    Not the answer!

    Find out proper disposal practices for compact florescent bulbs (and other hazardous household waste) in your area.

    PS. I’d have to take issue with your comment regarding organic and free-trade products:

    “though both cost double and are packaged just as superfluously as the big-box evil-doers”