Inner Chic Remodel in Traverse City

At first, it’s surprising that this cutting-edge interior doesn’t feel anachronistic within its century-old shell. But it makes sense when Bazemore explains that the inside of the house actually is brand new. She had the house gutted, removing the maze of rooms and hallways that created the apartments, removing almost everything, in fact, but some interior walls and the central staircase, while adding snug insulation. (A drafty house is so last century.) Bazemore likes a house with lots of elbowroom, and she wanted the new layout to be as open as the old structure would allow. Craven installed large engineered beams to allow for wider archways between rooms—even so, the distinct dining room is still a bit too closed-in for Bazemore’s taste. She concedes, however, that she loves her cozy, four-wall den with its built-in bookshelves and leather chairs. “This is where I hang out,” she says, explaining the knitting on the ottoman.

The upstairs, which once had three apartments, was opened up into three bedrooms, including a master bedroom suite with a bathroom, walk-in closet, small office, and sewing room. Pink walls and a pink polka-dotted settee in the bedroom make a playful contrast to the cool, modern style of the public areas of the house.

Bazemore used professionals to help her with the design but wasn’t shy about incorporating her own ideas and tastes. The result is a house that “very much reflects how I live,” she says. It’s a safe bet the house also reflects how she sees life—always look forward and be sure to have some fun.

Janet Lively writes and teaches in Traverse City.

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