Alert: Tall, dark man seen entering and gutting an area home and Traverse City Fire Station #2 on Eighth Street. Please report any around-town sightings in the comment box below.

Carter Oosterhouse is wanted. And he’s certainly criminally gorgeous. But the carpenter/model/television star (currently hosting HGTV’s Carter Can and Red Hot and Green) is no bad boy. Truth is, he’s a do-gooder who does really fine carpentry, design and renovation work, and he’s come home to share those skills with some deserving folks. That story is the basis for an HGTV special called Carter Comes Home, to be aired during the 2009 holiday season.

Story line: Carter and his crew gift a home reno to an area woman who adopts and cares for special needs children, then Carter and crew pack up their tools and head over to Traverse City Fire Station Station #2 on Eighth Street to turn the firemen’s pathetic 1960’s kitchen into a place they can use to host the community. (BTW, if the firemen from that station have helped you out, stop by the firehouse February 25-27, the producer of the show may want to hear your story.)

Expect a this-is-your-life-Carter-Oosterhouse cast, including his brother, Todd, flown in from Texas where he’s a contractor; brother and sister-in-law Tyler and Erin, owners of Bay House Design in Traverse City; and sister, Sienna Penick, an interior designer in Los Angeles. Cameo appearances by Carter’s childhood friend and favorite Traverse City painter, Dan Brady (Dan Brady Painting and Wood Restoration).

Stay tuned for more about Carter Comes Home on In the meantime help us track Carter sightings in the box below—but know that both filming sets are closed to the public.

Photo(s) by Troy DeShano