Welcome to Part 2 of our grand and glorious shout-out to you—our peeps—and that big, vibrant, irrepressible spirit of the Northerner.  In Part 1 of our list we bragged about everything from copper mines to road salt.  Now a few more items that make us proud to be from Up North.

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Northern Landmarks: You can’t miss ’em!

The Incredible, Edible Whitefish: Generations of Northerners have been sustained (and delighted) by feasts of Whitefish.  We share some of our favorite whitefish dishes.

Tales of a Roadkill Hunter: Roadkill for dinner?

Northern Know-How: Not-so-hidden but deep in Missaukee County cornfield country, two 350-foot-tall wind turbines spin their giant arms in the north wind. The man behind them is local energy mogul Marty Lagina

The King of Color: It’s Grand Hotel on Mackinac that he counts as the most pet of his projects.

This Northern Life: Elda Chapa

Black Eden of Michigan: From the 1920’s through the mid-1960’s, one of Michigan’s most unforgettable ethnic tales played out around a small lake near Baldwin.

Field Trips Every Northern School Kid Must Abide

On the Map: Sufjan Stevens

Inventions: Sprang from the Brains of Your Brethren

True Up North Gatherings: Nothing says Up North like ice, snow and beer

Our 540–year–old Virgin: Ancient pines live, thanks to the efforts of a local photographer

The Magnanimous Mr. Moore: Love him? Hate him? We say the Oscar-winning filmmaker deserves a place tight to our Northern bosom for shining a light into our historic downtown theater

Our Favorite Asylum: The Village at Grand Traverse Commons turned the State Hospital into the nation’s largest historical renovation project

Smoked Fish, the Art: Jack Cross, third-generation fish smoker at John Cross Fisheries, Charlevoix

Sauna Whisking: Of all the accoutrements to the sauna, the vihta, or whisk, is the one that keeps you coming back.

Consummate Northern Hostess: We check in with Katie Brown, cook, crafter, designer, author, television celeb and Petoskey native.

Made in Michigan: Manhole covers, Moomers, what are you most proud of?

Skivvies: The “union suit” never goes out of style

Ode to Joy Ride: The power, the adventure, the feeling of accomplishment…

Characters du Nord: Pop culture icons we claim as our own

Photo(s) by Todd Zawistowski