Ever thought of sealing your baby in a bubble to protect her from the nasties flying around in the air? Not a good idea for most kids. But here’s one that is: Carrier’s new Infinity Air Purifier. This breadbox-sized unit hooks up to forced air furnaces to trap and kill airborne pathogens (think: allergens, funguses and molds, tuberculosis and pneumonia bacteria, even the measles virus) throughout your home. Kill is the buzzword here. While other air purifiers capture the gruesomes, the Infinity bombards them with ions until they are dead. All that, while your babe is napping.

This state-of-the-art technology was originally developed for use in secure government buildings. Maintenance is simple—just change a cartridge once a year. $989 (installation not included).

Bonus: Order your Infinity from Sheren Plumbing (231-943-7916) in Traverse City, and they’ll give you a whole-house, state-of-the-art Carrier humidifier (installation not included). .—E.E.

Photo(s) by Jupiter Images