The Elferdinck Project, set in the 1880’s and on permanent display at The Candle Factory in Traverse City, is a series of wood carving executed by John Schirmer of Fairfield, Iowa. The first figure was begun in December 1984, and each Christmas since Schirmer has returend to The Candle Factory for one week to continue the project. On December 9th, Schirmer began his twelth piece in the going project. Many of the elements require more than a hundred hours of carving. By the conclusion of this year’s final carving session on Saturday morning, December 13, a gift to a child will have begun to emerge from the block.

John Schirmer can be reached at The Candle Factory during his daily carving sessions. 231-946-2280. Click here for more information on Schirmer.

Photo(s) by John Teichman