Welcome to our grand and glorious shout-out to you—our peeps—and that big, vibrant, irrepressible spirit of the Northerner. We devote 20 pages to a braggy (why not?), self-absorbed (the good kind) and robust potpourri of shorties that distill the people, places, stuff, experiences and points of pride that make us happy and proud to live where the snow is deep (mmm, the smell of snowblower exhaust in the morning) and the summers are sweet (rhymes with DEET). Settle in, raise a glass (or can) to dat mystique, eh?

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Hemingway or Oosterhouse? Add your favorite up-north manly man to our list of Northern Studs.

How Road Salt Works: a three step primer on how NaCl melts the ice

Running Cool: How’s your Northern river river I.Q.?

Before There was Oprah… There was Madame LaFramboise

King Copper: Back in the Day, Keweenaw visitors could just pick up pure chunks of copper off the ground

Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame: Ishpeming, Michigan, location of the official, real U.S. National Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame. Americans might legitimately ask, Uh … who picked that spot? Allow us.

The Guy Behind Nanook? Yooper Robert Flaherty called his silent 69-minute look into the life of an Eskimo hunter and his family “the truest and most human story of the Great White Snows.”

This Northern Life:  A true Northerner shares his experiences as one of the state’s first conservation officers.

Dena WilsonDena Wilson answers a few of our questions about the spiritual significance of being Native American in Northern Michigan.

Northerners are a resourceful lot. Witness the local businesses that double their doings to keep our small-town commerce kickin’.

The Classic, the questionable and the crazy-good. 75 Things all Northerners must eat before they die.