Northern Michigan Christmas Tree Guide

Scandinavian Hottie

Norway Spruce

These imports from over the pond have droopy, pleasingly green branches. Don’t bring one home unless it’s fresh—the Norway spruce doesn’t hold its needles well. Keep it well watered. Like its cousin spruces, the Norway is great for decorating because of its natural tiers.


Scotch Pine

This throwback to the 1970’s has medium-length needles, strong branches, a healthy green color and excellent needle retention. It ships well and holds up on retail lots, so this is the one to come home with when you don’t get around to tree shopping until Christmas Eve.

New in Town

Canaan Fir

This tree shares all the good qualities of balsam and Fraser firs. It smells great, is nicely shaped and easy to decorate. Some of our inside sources say the Canaan Fir may be the next hot tree.

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