One of the wonderful things about living in northern Michigan is that you never have to go far to find a great Christmas tree.  Sometimes choosing the right tree can prove a little more difficult than one might anticipate.  So, to help you with your decision making this holiday season, we’ve compiled our guide to choosing the perfect Christmas tree for you.

Mr. Fresh


This tree with its dark green needles smells like fresh-fallen snow. It’s also one you might associate with your childhood—it was the most popular Christmas tree in the country until the Scotch pine dethroned it sometime around the 1970’s. Expect the balsam to hold its needles well. The one flaw? Its boughs don’t hold heavy ornaments well.

Oh, Those Blues

Black Hills Spruce

Also known as the white spruce, the Black Hills shares the same bluish-toned needles as its cousin, the Colorado blue (and the one most folks think of as the plain old blue spruce), but its needles are gratifyingly softer. The needles are also a bit more petite, but its strong, well-spaced boughs are perfect for hanging ornaments.

Most Popular

Fraser Fir

The Fraser seems to have it all—lush, dark green needles with silvery undersides and a nice fragrance, all combined with a perfect shape and upward-tipped branches that hold decorations well. All of that and excellent needle retention, too. This is a tree that will be the talk of your party.