ow does geothermal heating work?

What you’re doing with a geothermal heat pump is moving energy that was stored in the ground into your home. A lot of the systems have a network of tubing buried in the ground that is a big heat exchanger. All we’re doing is pulling the heat out of the ground and bringing it back to the geothermal system for use in the home.

What are the biggest advantages of geothermal heating?

It’s probably one of the most energy efficient systems you can put in your home. It could be half to a third of the cost of heating with gas-fired equipment. We’re getting a lot of calls nowadays as people are getting hit with high heating costs. The geothermal system is a little more money up front but it’s a lot less to run every year.

How has the technology improved over the years?

Over the years it’s been refined to where it’s pretty cut and dry to what we do. The technologies have become much more refined and efficient.

Can a geothermal system be added into an existing home?

Definitely. You just need to do your homework. We first do an energy evaluation system on the home to see if the ductwork needs to be updated. It’s usually easier to put it in a new home, but you can definitely put it in an existing one.

What kind of problems can you run into with a geothermal system?

Really if the heating contractor does his homework up front, it should be pretty maintenance-free.

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