The famed roasted tomato salsa from Benzonia’s The Roadhouse imbues these handcrafted bratwursts with a fresh bite and succulent flavor that’s magically not too spicy or tomato-y. They brown up in a snap, and are perfect plain or with nothing more than a squeeze of barrel mustard. We’ll be busting them out at football tailgates this fall. Honor Family Market, 10625 Main St., Honor, 231-325-3360.

Also notably delicious are the homemade Southwestern Fajita chicken brats from Deering’s Market in Traverse City. These fully-cooked sausages are laced with peppers, onions, Monterey Jack and a nice heat that bites a little, then lets you go. 827 Union, Traverse City, 231-947-6165,

Photo(s) by Sean Locke