At 6 pm, this Sunday, September 7, head to Lars Hockstad in Traverse City to Rally for Local Solutions to Global Warming. The event, sponsored by the Michigan Land Use Institute, features Bill McKibben, one of the nation’s leading experts on climate change and the author of numerous books on the subject including The End of Nature, Fight Global Warming Now and Deep Economy.  McKibben will speak about his 350 Campaign—the number he calls the most important on the planet because it is the safe line for our global climate. "Bill will explain what Michiganders can do to slow climate change; his attractive, effective ideas go far beyond basics like efficient light bulbs and lowered thermostats," says MLUI’s Brian Beauchamp.

Geared toward young people, the rally will also feature the music of Seth and Daisy May. The first 350 people under 21 will receive free TC-350 T-Shirts. The event is free. For more information go to 

Photo(s) by Todd Zawistowski