A warm breeze, a starry sky and the silver screen—watching a movie outside is one of summer’s sweetest treats. Even sweeter? When the sun goes down, you can watch free movies under the moonlight all around the North. Some of our favorites venues:


Think the Petoskey Film Theater Series’ usual venue, the 100-year-old Carnegie Building, can’t be beat? Plant yourself on a picnic blanket in the Gaslight District’s Pennsylvania Park. Kid-friendly films and classics, most Fridays through August. 231-758-3108, petoskey.com.

Crystal Mountain Resort

Come dusk, the lawn behind the lodge lights up with family friendly fare like Annie, Shrek the Third and Evan Almighty. Free, Tuesdays and Fridays through September 3. 800-968-7686, crystalmountain.com.


Crowds of 150+ unfold their lawn chairs under the Pavilion on South Court Avenue for classic movies every Saturday night through August. 989-732-1077, gaylordmichigan.net.

Shanty Creek

See new, current G- and PG-rated releases like Bee Movie, Enchanted and Alvin and the Chipmunks on the lush grounds of Bellaire’s lakeside resort until August 30. 800-678-4111, shantycreek.com.

Photo(s) by Gary Howe