In the heart of the Midwest’s Golden Triangle of fly fishing rivers sits the granddaddy trout stream of the all—the world-renowned Au Sable River. And along the banks of the Au Sable’s fabled North Branch is a bar-restaurant earning notoriety all its own. Outdoor Life magazine named Lovell’s Riverside Tavern one of America’s Best Fishing Bars.

Lovell’s Riverside Tavern is a place where the beer’s always ice cold, the Roggie’s Special pizza (with all the toppings on the menu, plus walleye meat) can’t be beat, and it’s standing room only when local band Sneaky Pete is on stage. The bar overlooks the river, and as the magazine notes, it’s the perfect respite for river-runners and welcomes all fishermen looking for a shady place to pull their drift boats or canoes ashore. Just remember to hang your waders on the racks outside.

Photo(s) by Todd Zawistowski