Bois Blanc Island

Bois Blanc Island

Todd Zawistowski

Woods and Water Ecotours (, 906-484-4157) lead fabulous kayak treks of all kinds around the 36-island archipelago of Les Cheneaux, but their adventures cover a lot of ground, too. Try one of these daytrips on for size:

Bike Bois Blanc: Big, beautiful and barely populated Bois Blanc is truly the island time forgot. Pedal through its boreal forests and fens, sleuth out exotic species and an island within the island. Full day. $85, includes ferry passage from Cheboygan and lunch; overnight lodging and bike rental available.

Explore a Cave: Hike through a hardwood forest full of sinkholes, then descend into Michigan’s premier karst cave to discover hidden limestone-dolomite formations, natural arches and even an underground waterfall. Three hours. $95 includes lunch, helmet, headlamps and donation to the conservancy.

Hike to an Island Cliff: Traverse Drummond Island’s boulder-strewn backcountry shoreline—a favorite hangout of bears, wolves and loons—into a cedar forest and up an aspen grove, and find yourself on the elevated and awe-inspiring easternmost edge of the Upper Peninsula. Five hours, $65, includes lunch.

Photo(s) by Todd Zawistowski