Discovery: The Green River

If you’re nostalgic for the rare and delicious Green River ice cream soda, get to Cadillac where the Shay Station Coffee Company keeps the fizzy, creamy and green goodness flowing on their 20’s-era soda fountain. Baristas blend it with the classic snappy lime soda developed during Prohibition by the Schoenhofen Brewery of Chicago. 106 S. Mitchell St., Cadillac, 231-775-6150,

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  • Anonymous

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for expressing the truth about s’mores. I have never, ever liked them since I always had the same problems eating them as you mentioned. Thank you for sharing some alternative recipes with us. Have you ever tried Hobo pies? The one drawback is that you have to have the irons that go in the fire, but they taste really great and can be made sweet or savory.

  • Lissa Edwards

    Wow, Hobo pies … I think I remember those from my childhood but I’m not sure. Would you mind passing along that recipe?